October 7, 2009

Announcing the "Square Enix Support Center," Support Features Updated

Beginning today, we will be launching a new support site called the "Square Enix Support Center." With this integrated support site, our goal is to provide up-to-date news on all Square Enix products, resolve our customer's issues even faster, and provide detailed support information, all in the easiest way possible.

If you encounter any issues with our products or services, please contact us through the "Square Enix Support Center" and we will work to provide the best solution or forward your request to the appropriate support team. Using the new service, customers will be able to contact us through phone, email, and web chat.

The “Square Enix Support Center” can be utilized through the TOP page ( which will let you search by title, or by selecting “SUPPORT” on the top right of each page.

Please be sure to visit the “Square Enix Support Center” today!