September 16, 2011

Notice for PS3 owners of Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Augmented Edition (North America only)

In order to facilitate easier access to the soundtrack included as part of Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Augmented Edition, Square Enix has made the soundtrack available for download in high quality MP3 format to North American owners.

To redeem your copy of the soundtrack in digital form, please follow the following process. Please note you will need proof of purchase of Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Augmented Edition on PS3 to proceed:

  1. Contact the Square Enix Support Center by phone at 310–846–0345 Monday through Friday 9am–6pm and press 3 to speak with a Warranty Support Representative.
  2. Follow the steps instructed by the agent. Please note that your proof of purchase is required.
  3. Once your purchase has been verified, simply check your email for a time-limited redemption download link for the soundtrack.