December 21, 2011

New WAKFU Sram Class Video and Screenshots


Square Enix and Ankama are excited to announce that their upcoming MMORPG WAKFU, will be in Open Beta beginning January 4, 2012. To celebrate the big event, they will also be revealing brand–new content including the Sram’s Shadow character class!

Published by Square Enix, Inc. and developed by Ankama, WAKFU is an all–new, tactical turn–based MMORPG that will be launching worldwide in February 2012. Featuring an amazing anime art style, players can choose from 12 unique character classes and engage in rebuilding a world lost in chaos through strategic combat, crafting, and even national politics!

This week, we disclose details for the Sram’s Shadow character class. Players will only have access to this and additional content when the new patch is live and the game is in Open Beta on January 4th.


Master assassins in the World of Twelve, the Sram’s Shadow are deviant characters that will go to great lengths to defeat their enemies. Hiding amongst deep, dark shadows, the Sram’s use their strength of speed and invisibility to escape all dangerous situations at any cost.

Additionally, Sram’s use the elements of Fire, Water, and Air to inflict pain and suffering upon their enemies, steal items and capabilities to improve their health and stealth and invisibility to all enemies who get in their way.

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WAKFU will launch as a free download from the official site at and include with it a large amount of gameplay content to experience at no cost. In addition, a monthly subscription fee of $6.00 will give players access to premium content, and a micro transaction–based store will allow users to purchase cosmetic items.