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April 21, 2009


Tokyo, Japan, (April 21, 2009) - Square Enix Co. Ltd. (“Square Enix”) announced today that it has been taking necessary measures for monitoring illegal upload and public communication of files containing videos from FINAL FANTASY® VII ADVENT CHILDREN® COMPLETE, the newly-released CG animated film (“ADVENT CHILDREN COMPLETE”) over the Internet, and issuing letters of warning to concerned parties to request deleting those files. Following the release of ADVENT CHILDREN COMPLETE, high-quality CG animated film on Blu-ray Disc™ on April 16, 2009 in Japan, Square Enix has already found and confirmed illegally uploaded ADVENT CHILDREN COMPLETE files on several internet video sites and requested to delete them, which has led to elimination of all files subject to the warning.

Square Enix will continue to monitor the illegal activities involving upload and public communication of all or a part of ADVENT CHILDREN COMPLETE over the Internet, and actively pursue civil and criminal responsibilities against those who commit an infringement of Square Enix’s copyrights and any other intellectual property rights to the film, including appropriate legal actions.

Square Enix values its intellectual property rights as the core of resources on business. Square Enix’s business is built upon the support by enthusiastic fans of its products and services. In order to serve those valued customers better by meeting their expectations through ceaseless offerings of high-quality and exciting entertainment experiences, Square Enix will take decisive actions against any infringement of its intellectual properties, or the source of such entertainment.

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